So named because of my short-lived obsession with Lost, the television drama that follows a disparate group of plane crash survivors marooned on a tropical island, this is another work that touches on my interest in other people’s hobbies, this time scale model building.

One of those clichés you see in film and television is the return to the perfectly preserved childhood bedroom, in the case of boys this will often have a collection of lovingly built scale model aeroplanes suspended from the ceiling by invisible thread as if frozen in majestic flight, usually a clunky metaphor for the idealism and aspiration of youth. Perhaps because I have a fear of flying (or crashing actually), these suspended models have always struck me as somewhat sinister and the spectacle of one of these models suspended whilst crashing to the ground with black smoke billowing from it’s engine is intended as a darkly humorous and cynical inversion of this whimsical cliché.


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Title Lost
Year 2006
Materials Model aeroplane, wire, cotton wool, emulsion, invisible thread
Dimensions 210 cm long. Dimensions variable according to installation, approximately H:90cm W:190cm D:40cm


  • It went off the boil pretty quick if you ask me, but this is the official Lost website
  • Lost was exhibited in the Nottingham Castle Open Exhibition in 2007 which took place in the now defunct Angel Row Gallery and won the Berryman prize.


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