Developed in collaboration with artist Jon Burgerman, this otherworldly animation with it’s deliberately scratchy, hand-drawn aesthetic loosely follows the tale of Dandle as told in a darkly comic monologue. The animation fluidly transitions between convoluted images and scenes as described by the deep, syrupy voice as it tells it’s eerie tale of malevolent woodland dwellers, twilight wildlife and mouldy vegetables.

The animation was first shown at Trampoline, a Nottingham–based new media art event and could only be seen if the viewer got down on their hands and knees in front of a large cardboard gnome and inserted their head into it’s mouth, inside of which was a small screen playing the feature.


Title Dandle
Year 2005
Animation Dave Bond & Jon Burgerman
Script Jon Burgerman
Voice & sound effects Peter Campbell
Materials Pens, paper, Flash & Final Cut Pro
Dandle box materials Wood, cardboard, masking tape, emulsion, mini DVD player & speakers


  • I heartily recommend checking out the further work of Jon Burgerman - the man is a doodling machine.
  • Dandle was first featured at the Nottingham-based new media arts event Trampoline


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