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  • Random Art Generator Random Art Generator

    A continuing series of paintings using chance to randomly select the subject matter. The choice is made from a list of 3000 possibilities using a toy bingo tombola, this selection is then painted and the process repeated indefinitely.

  • Dog-Shaped Abscence Of Space Dog-Shaped Abscence Of Space (fortuitously filled with baked beans)

    A sculpture that investigates Plato’s Theory of Forms as a solution to the problem of universals by asking ‘If a dog was made from baked beans, would it still be a dog?’

  • 99 Slides and 1 Carousel 99 Slides and 1 Carousel

    An installation consisting of a slide projector showing my continuing collection of 35mm slides that I am building by travelling around the UK and abroad to children’s parks and play areas to photograph the different playground slides located there.

  • Reactor Reactor

    Beginning life as an exhibition of the same name in 2002, Reactor developed into a group of artists who work collaboratively to create events and exhibitions in which the audience is an active participant. By the end of 2007 Reactor had staged over 30 events and worked with numerous festivals, galleries and art organisations in the UK and abroad.

  • Special Move Special Move

    A sculpture influenced by my general fixation on superheroes and their powers, but particularly the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, it uses the computer game standard of the special move anachronistically applied to the ancient game of chess.

  • Argos Decoupage Argos Decoupage

    Decoupage is a craft technique where cut out paper pictures are used to decorate another surface and can be built up into 3 dimensional relief image, in this case using the pages of the Argos catalogue.

  • Lost Lost

    A sculpture featuring a suspended model aeroplane crashing to the ground: a tribute to my short-lived obsession with the cult TV show as well as my own general paranoia and fear of flying.

  • Dandle Dandle

    Developed in collaboration with artist Jon Burgerman, this otherworldly animation, with it’s deliberately hand-drawn aesthetic and darkly comic monologue, tells the tale of Dandle, a story of malevolent woodland dwellers, twilight wildlife and mouldy vegetables.

  • Flock Flock

    A series of site-specific installations consisting of hundreds of black origami cranes suspended from the ceiling by invisible thread. Individually the cranes are exquisite, perfectly made paper sculptures but en mass they can form an eerie and uncomfortable spectacle.

  • Defining Moments Of History Defining Moments Of History

    A series of paintings depicting iconic scenes of great drama and significance, exploring the way fact and fiction can blur together in our minds. The fact that our knowledge of events outside of our direct experience rely so heavily on recorded media such as photography, television and cinema contrasts with our awareness that this same media is often used to deceive and manipulate us.


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  • Installation
  • Sculpture
  • Animation / video


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