31st July 2010

New slides from around the world (well the UK and Greece)

Wow, even for me this has been a remarkably unproductive year art-wise, but that hasn’t stopped me snapping the odd new slide here and there. So here we are, brought to you from the depressingly bland suburbs of Milton Keynes, the beautifully tatty Greek island of Paxos and my lovely new home-by-the-sea, Brighton.

3rd April 2010

New RAG painting

As the dark days of winter finally recede and the luxury of the four day Easter weekend stretches before me I asked myself what better way can there be to celebrate these salad days than by adding the latest Random Art Generator painting to my website. The 16th RAG painting of the classic 60’s children’s TV show The Herbs was completed last year, but studious as I am, I’ve only just around to photographing it. While I was at it I re-photographed all the previous RAG paintings too, so now they all look much better and there’s close up images of the detail too.

17th February 2010

Bondy Bondy website launched

How neglectful I’ve been: 4 months since an update. I could make excuses but instead I’ll just point you in the direction of my new website Bondy Bondy the virtual home of my graphic design, illustration and web design work.

13th October 2009

New slides

Having recently returned to the UK, I decided to take a trip back up to the Midlands and to my old haunt of Nottingham just as the world famous Goose Fair came to town. Never one to miss the chance to be pick pocketed and lured by the promise of fresh doughnuts, I wandered around and added to my slide collection having first decided that yes a helter-skelter is definitely a type of slide.

RAG - Braindead

22nd September 2009

Website finally finished

After half a decade of prevarification and a year long sequester in the most rural corner of Brittany, I've finally got around to building my art portfolio website. So make yourself at home and feel free to have a nose around - but be sure to take your shoes off first so you don't leave dirty footprints on my nice clean HTML.


Dave Bond is a British artist preoccupied with the trivial, the imagined, the quaint and the absurd. He loves insignificant detail, ridiculous spectacle, obsessive behaviours and pointless collections. He constantly worries about how little time he has but essentially wastes most of it, as this website clearly demonstrates.


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